The Book

The Other Church will seem controversial to some as it deals with numerous conditions and traditions in churches that are not scriptural. Jesus said that his followers were the “light of the world”, and “the salt of the earth.”

Light is illumination that reveals what needs to be seen and how to walk the path; salt is a preservative that prevents decay and deterioration. As such, the early church was said to have ” turned the world upside down” by its positive influence in being the light and the salt, as Jesus said. However, today our society seems to have strayed from the path and is full of moral and spiritual decay as the church seems to have lost its positive influence.

The Other Church seeks to address the cause of the society’s spiritual and moral deterioration as the influence of the light and the salt has greatly decreased in many churches. There currently are two types of churches in the world. One church represents the salt and spreads divine light; the “other” church is lacking the salt and light, but appears to be full of the carnal behavior of mankind. The reader will determine which type of church he wants to be in?